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DV/SA On Campus

Perpetrators of Alcohol Involved Sexual Assault, 2003

Alcohol and Sexual Assault, 2001

Bystander Intervention Playbook – VT

Campus Dating Violence Fact Sheet, 2002

Campus Rape Victims, NPR 2010

Campus Stalking, 2002

College Professors as Potential Victims of Stalking, 2007

Dating Violence on Campus; A Fact of Life, 2003

Drug-facilitated, Incapacitated, and Forcible Rape, 2007

Dating Violence Pamphlet, NCVC

Engaging Bystanders in SV Prevention, NSVRC, 2008

Green Dot Kentucky

Handbook for Campus Crime Reporting, 2005

How to Develop the Right Alert Notification Strategy

If A Girl Doesn’t Say No, 2007

Minimum Standards of Training, OVW

MOST Men of Strength Clubs

Red Flag Campaign

Sexual Assault on Campus, Center for Public Integrity, E Book Sample

Sexual Victimization of College Women, 2000

Sexual Violence and Alcohol, Drug Use on Campus, 2005

Stalking Protocol – Centre County, PA State College, 2007

Text Messages Become A Growing Weapon, 2010

Why Did Yeardley Love Have to Die, 2010

No! Confronting Sexual Assault in Our Communities, Video Info

Online Resources for Contacting Sexual Assault Coalitions and Services – 2010

Online Training Institute for Sexual Assault Investigations

Funding Resources OJP, OVW, COPS, ODP – 2005
















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