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About Mark Wynn

“Mark Wynn is woven in the fabric of the battered women’s movement”
                       Lynn Rosenthal, our country’s first White House adviser on violence against women  2017

Mark’s contributions to law and public policy are legend. He is a powerful educator. For more than 25 years, he has traveled to all 50 states and more than 10 countries to train thousands of police executives, patrol officers, dispatchers, prosecutors, judges, legislators, health care professionals, and advocates. He shares his passion, compassion, and humility in every presentation.

                      Barbara Hart, Esq. – Muskie School of Public Service- University of Southern Maine January 2013 

 “It is no mistake that Mark Wynn is the nation’s leading expert in domestic violence and stalking.  He is the perfect combination of experience, compassion and absolute expertise in the field.  His vast amount of experience and knowledge in combination with is superb speaking and training skills make him, quite simply, the best.  Victims are safer and we are all more enlightened because of his dedication”.

                                                                                               Anne Munch, Esq. – President, Anne Munch Consulting, Inc.

“Mark Wynn is the most respected domestic violence trainer in the country.  Not only does he have a depth of knowledge that is unmatched anywhere, his energy and passion for the prevention of violence against women crimes is truly inspirational”.

                                 Thomas R. Tremblay – Police Chief (ret) – Vermont Department of Public Safety Commissioner (fmr)   

“Mark Wynn is the Mark Twain of law enforcement”                                                                                                                   

                             Jennifer Branson – Illinois 5th Judical Circuit Family Violence Coordinating Council

1998 Nashvillian of the Year – https://www.nashvillescene.com/news/article/13002892/1998-nashvillian-of-the-year

“Lt. Wynn is not only the best law enforcement trainer that I’ve ever  heard, he is also a true advocate for battered women.”
                                                                  Merni Carter, Executive Director, Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence

“Mark Wynn makes an audience of law enforcement and advocates recognize their own abilities to make a difference. He helps us to see new ways of working together to end violence against women. His expertise in law enforcement is augmented by his values, his personal experiences and his respect for the work of advocates and others who must come together to end domestic violence”.
                                    Deborah D. Tucker, Executive Director –  National Training Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence

“Lt. Mark Wynn does not call violence in the home abuse. Like me, he calls it terrorism. He should know. His experience shows how children who frequently witness abuse against their mother learn to avenge such behavior with violence.”
Donna Shalala, Secretary of Health and Human Services
March 11, 1994
Speech before the American Medical Association’s
National Conference on Family Violence


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